2023 Resilience & Innovation Report

The 2023 Resilience & Innovation Report provides an update on the Vibrant Economy
Index and insights into challenges and opportunities the Northeast Ohio Region has
as we work to build a vibrant economy through resilience, measured by infrastructure,
including readily available sites and innovation, measured by businesses’ adoption
rate of new technologies and an environment that encourages start-ups.
2023 Resilience &
Innovation Report

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Aligning Opportunities

Addressing the Demand and Supply Imbalance in the Region’s Workforce

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2023 Untapped Opportunities Report

2023 MO Report Thumbnail

2023 Misaligned Opportunities Report

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2023 Lost Opportunities Report

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2023 Enabled Opportunities Report

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2022 Lost Opportunities Report

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2022 Misaligned Opportunities Report

2022 Aligning Opportunities Report

2022 Aligning Opportunities Report

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2022 Untapped Opportunities

lost opportunities report cover

2021 Lost Opportunities

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2021 Misaligned Opportunities

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2021 Aligning Opportunities Report