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EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub

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Nottingham Spirk, in partnership with Ernst & Young (EY), recently opened a 60,000 square-foot EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub at their current facility in Cleveland’s University Circle Area, further enhancing the region’s industrial legacy and commitment to advanced manufacturing transformation.  

The EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub officially opened in Q4 2021. The facility will help business leaders and creators tap into product innovation and advanced technology opportunities offering hands-on physical and virtual experiences utilizing Industry 4.0, that includes digital transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and additive manufacturing technologies. 
The project is supported through a JobsOhio R&D Grant and complements important work of the Cleveland Innovation Project to encourage digital transformation and technology adoption among mid-size and small manufacturing companies. 

A multidisciplinary approach featuring technology collaboration tools will feature live factory-of-the-future production and end-to-end supply chain interactive experiences around connected products and electric vehicles, as well as a studio for rapid prototyping and advanced machining. 

Source:; computer hardware engineers data not available for entire region.