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Lake County

While the smallest county geographically in Ohio, Lake County is Ohio’s 11th most populous county. The area is uniquely positioned on U.S. Route 20, State Route 2, State Route 44 and Interstate 90, offering access to all major highways in the Cleveland area, as well as multiple railways and the Fairport Harbor port. Many Lake County residents work in manufacturing, sales, agriculture, or service positions. Tourism is a major industry, encompassing one of the nation’s largest arboretums, 31 miles of shoreline, world-class fishing, beaches, wineries, and lighthouses.

Lake County Stats

– population:


– Workforce:


*within 45-minute drive-time

Notable Higher Ed. / Vocational Training Institutions
Lake Erie College
Lakeland Community College
Auburn Career Center
Northern Career Institute
Lakeshore Compact
Notable Employers
Avery Dennison

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