Tuscarawas County

Centrally located between Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Tuscarawas County is home to leading technology and manufacturing operations. Engineering, automotive, and high-tech manufacturing thrive in the county, thanks to a highly educated workforce of 500,000+ within a 45-mile radius. The county offers convenient access to four airports, major highway infrastructure, and one of the most advanced telecommunications and data networks in the country. Theaters, parks, golf, historic landmarks, ziplining, kayaking, and a scenic Amish Country round out the area’s offerings.   

Tuscarawas County Stats

– population:


– Workforce:


Notable Higher Ed. / Vocational Training  Institutions
Kent State Tuscarawas
Ohio State University Tuscarawas
Notable Employers
Timken Co 
Youngstown Air Reserve Station

The Northeast Ohio Region Sites & Buildings

newcomerstown site aerial view

Newcomerstown Ohio Industrial Park

97 remaining developable acres.