Sherwin Williams

When The Sherwin-Williams Company, an iconic paint and coatings manufacturer, needed a location to build a new global HQ and state-of-the-art R&D Center, it conducted a thorough national site selection process.

That process led them to reaffirm their longstanding commitment to the Northeast Ohio Region. 

Sherwin-Williams will have approximately 3,100 employees in its new global headquarters in the heart of downtown Cleveland and approximately 900 employees at its new state of the art R&D Center in nearby Brecksville. One of the many reasons Sherwin-Williams chose to build its future in Northeast Ohio is because the region offers a cost-effective long-term solution for the Fortune 200 company to attract and retain talent. 

Additionally, the Northeast Ohio Region’s commitment to driving innovation enables Sherwin-Williams to develop a global innovation epicenter crucial for the growth of the Company. 

State and local partners including the State of Ohio, JobsOhio, Team NEO, Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the City of Cleveland and the City of Brecksville worked closely with Sherwin-Williams to make the project a success.

“We are grateful for the immense public-private partnership and the support provided by numerous individuals and organizations who are committed to our region and our state. We are fortunate to have these strong partnerships that share many of the same goals Sherwin-Williams has for the region and were willing to work with us so that we remained in Northeast Ohio.”

~ John Morikis, Chairman and CEO, The Sherman-Williams Company