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A leading U.S. financial services sector invested in stability and growth.

Establishing operations in Northeast Ohio makes good financial sense.

With one of the nation’s largest financial services sectors, a 100-plus-year industry legacy, a Federal Reserve Bank, more than 60,000 financial services professionals, and 18 higher education institutions with finance and business programs, the Northeast Ohio Region is well equipped to support financial business success.

On top of a strong financial business ecosystem, finance companies that establish operations in the Northeast Ohio Region benefit from operating and wage costs that are a fraction of other top markets, low risk of disruptive natural disasters, plus access to Ohio’s 44,000 annual financial services graduates.

Northeast Ohio offers emerging opportunities in cybersecurity, data management, process management, credential management, decentralized finance, and more, making the region well poised to support the future of the industry.

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A robust, highly trained workforce + low business costs = successful financial operations

The Northeast Ohio Region’s impressive financial sector and workforce, paired with low rental and wage costs, makes it a sound option for businesses in the financial sector.

Financial Services Ecosystem in Northeast Ohio

5th largest

5th largest financial sector in the U.S.



5th in number of Fortune 500 & 1000 companies in the U.S.

1/2 of new york

1⁄2 of New York City’s wage cost

1/4 of new york

1⁄4 of New York City’s commercial rental cost


60,000+ financial service professionals

Available Sites


North Jackson – McCluggage

A rectangle-shaped 92-acre site on three parcels for sale by a private owner, this property is half wooded and half farm land. Currently zoned as agricultural, the site sits along a divided access road between two industrial areas.


Nelson Sand & Gravel

The Nelson Sand & Gravel site, located halfway between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA, is approximately 94 acres that can be subdivided as needed and is owned by a single owner.


Louisville Industrial Park

This site was home to the former Chesapeake/Encino Energy Corp office. It has over 170 contiguous, developable acres expandable up to 261 acres.


JAB Property, Ashtabula

The JAB property, located on just over 80 acres of publicly owned land in Ashtabula, is a prime site for industrial development.

Canton GO

Canton Ohio GO Site

250 Remaining Developable Acres.

Philipp Parkway Industrial Site

Philipp Parkway Industrial Site

100 Remaining Developable Acres.

CASTLO Industrial Park

CASTLO Industrial Park

47.5 Remaining Developable Acres.

Aero Site

Aero Site

410 Remaining Developable Acres.

massillon energy technology park

Massillon Energy & Technology Park

200 Remaining Developable Acres.

Wooster Innovation Park - West

Wooster Innovation Park – West

49.5 Remaining Developable Acres.

Beacon Business Park

Beacon Business Park

600 Remaining Developable Acres.

The Northeast Ohio Region

401 Newell Street

36 Remaining Developable Acres.

The Northeast Ohio Region

Riverside Rail Park

21 Remaining Developable Acres.

The Northeast Ohio Region

Canton Industrial Land II

22 Remaining Developable Acres.

The Northeast Ohio Region

Canton Industrial Land I

98 Remaining Developable Acres.

Warren BDM Brownfield

Warren BDM Brownfield

236 Remaining Developable Acres.

Trade Park

Trade Park

32 Remaining Developable Acres.

Rittman Industrial Park

Rittman Industrial Park

60 Remaining Developable Acres.

Ontario Commerce Park

Ontario Commerce Park

175 Remaining Developable Acres.

Ohio Wooster Innovation Park: Wooster 140

Ohio Wooster Innovation Park

40 Remaining Developable Acres.

Mercantile Drive

Mercantile Drive

32 Remaining Developable Acres.

Cuyahoga Valley Industrial

Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center

The Cuyahoga Valley Industrial Center is adjacent to I-77.

bonner industrial park

Bonner Industrial Park

84 Remaining Developable Acres.

Bluestone business park

Bluestone Business Park

29 Remaining Developable Acres.

Alliance Commerce Park

Alliance Commerce Park

106 Remaining Developable Acres.

north central ohio industrial park

North Central Ohio Industrial Park

102 Remaining Developable Acres.

newcomerstown site aerial view

Newcomerstown Ohio Industrial Park

97 remaining developable acres.

Airport West

Airport West Industrial Park

70 Remaining Developable Acres.

Colleges, universities, and education providers offering financial services related areas of study.

Cuyahoga Community College

Financial Servies Workforce Data

Top 10 Financial Services Employers in Northeast Ohio

Progressive Corp.12,849
Huntington National Bank3,593
Medical Mutual of Ohio2,342
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1,039
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland939
Third Federal Savings and Loan827
Citizens Bank559

Top 10 Financial Services Occupations in Northeast Ohio

OccupationEmployed in Industry
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents5,346
Customer Service Representatives4,742
Personal Financial Advisors3,199
Loan Officers2,995
Insurance Sales Agents2,352
Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators2,111
Loan Interviewers and Clerks2,048
Financial Managers1,919
Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks1,849
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Rocket Mortgage
Case Study

Rocket Mortgage

America’s largest mortgage lender and creator of the first fully digital mortgage experience, recently completed an expansion project in downtown Cleveland.

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