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Northeast Ohio: Programmed for tech success.

From blockchain to big data, tech companies have tremendous opportunity in Northeast Ohio.

The Northeast Ohio Region’s renowned family of tech companies includes OnBase by Hyland, TMW Systems, TOA Technologies, Turning Technologies, Overdrive, Knotice, MRI, Virtual Hold, Snap-On, BrandMuscle, and MCPc.

Tech companies benefit from many competitive advantages in the Northeast Ohio Region, including our rich and diverse customer base, strong talent pipeline, and low cost of doing business.

The region’s robust support infrastructure encourages innovation and helps connect companies to early-stage capital. Organizations such as the Northeast Ohio Software Association advocate for the industry and work to attract more talent to the Northeast Ohio region, whereas regional organizations like RITE and ConxusNEO promote IT talent development and support connections between businesses, higher education, and talent.

The Northeast Ohio Region boasts a number of business incubators supporting tech start-ups. The Youngstown Business Incubator, with its unique focus on tech start-ups, was named one of the top 25 incubators in the world and the number one high-impact incubation program in North America.

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Connected companies. Connected partners. Focused on the future.

The Northeast Ohio Region’s manufacturing legacy is undeniable – and so is its future. We’re building on a strong foundation to advance industry 4.0 technologies. 


28,000 people work in technology in Northeast Ohio


1,600 qualified technology graduates annually

11 colleges

11 colleges, universities and education providers with technology courses


18% technology talent growth from 2016 – 2019


3,000+ technology businesses in Northeast Ohio

Success Story: ISSQUARED Inc.

AMS (formerly known as Alexander Mann Solutions), which provides talent acquisition services, talent advisory services, talent skilling solutions and digital talent solutions to companies around the globe, recently announced plans to add 153 jobs to its current staff of 200 in Cleveland.

AMS decided to focus and expand its activities in the Northeast Ohio Region (versus other locations outside of Ohio) because of its favorable business environment and quality workforce. This is the company’s second expansion in the region.

AMS is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its entry into the United States and the establishment of Cleveland & the Northeast Ohio Region for its North American headquarters, choosing the region over other large markets.

Top 10 Information Technology Employers in Northeast Ohio

Diebold Nixdorf Inc.1,260
Turning Technologies549
MRI Software504
Deloitte LLP and subsidiaries498
Park Place Technologies464
Foundation Software/Payroll4Construction344
Pomeroy Technologies LLC250
Regency Technologies199
Source: Crain’s

Top 10 Information Technology Occupations in Northeast Ohio

OccupationEmployed in Industry
Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers5,292
Computer Systems Analysts2,222
Computer User Support Specialists1,754
Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, and Travel1,098
Customer Service Representatives1,090
Computer and Information Systems Managers987
Project Management Specialists and Business Operations Specialists, All Other814
Computer Occupations, All Other734
Network and Computer Systems Administrators730
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists688
Source: D&B Hoovers 
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