Life in Northeast Ohio
Cost of Living

Live more here.

The Northeast Ohio Region’s impressively affordable cost of living allows you to live your best life.

Your dollars go further.

Northeast Ohio’s three-plus metropolitan areas rank among the most affordable in the nation.

Bottom line: your money goes further in the Northeast Ohio Region than it does in most other U.S. locations.

Cost of Living Comparison

The cost savings are clear when you index cost of living in Northeast Ohio versus other U.S. metropolitan markets. Among 13 regions, Northeast Ohio is the most affordable.

Notable national affordability rankings include: 



Ohio is ranked #3 Cheapest State to Live In



Quality of Life

Ohio is ranked #2 in the U.S. in quality of life.

Forbes Magazine

Find – and afford – your dream home.

Northeast Ohio is widely recognized as one of the most affordable regions for home buyers and renters. Whether you’re looking for a funky urban loft, a grand historic home, or a quiet suburban neighborhood, the housing you desire is within reach. 


Cleveland is the #1 most affordable housing market by square foot among all U.S. metro cities

Home Bay

Top 10

Cleveland & Akron among 10 Best Metros For First-Time Home Buyers in 2023.


Top 5

Top 5 metropolitan areas to sign a new rental agreement (Youngstown-3 , Cleveland-5)


Life in Northeast Ohio

Playhouse Square

One entertaining region.

Northeast Ohio is an affordable, inclusive region with history, charm, and amenities galore.


Opportunity abounds.

The Northeast Ohio Region is dedicated to advancing innovation, creativity, diversity, and opportunity.