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You only live once.

Do it in a region known for its exceptional quality of life.

The undeniable allure of the Northeast Ohio Region. 

Northeast Ohio is an affordable, inclusive region with history, charm, and amenities galore. We’re comprised of a collective of metropolitans, micropolitans, and small towns … but we’re a surprisingly tight-knit community.  And we’re gaining momentum. 

Nationally recognized for our outstanding quality of life and our status as a “most fun place to live,” Northeast Ohio was also a top destination for pandemic movers.  And as professionals continue to prioritize work-life balance, the appeal of the Northeast Ohio Region only grows stronger.


Northeast Ohio is home to some of the world’s leading healthcare facilities, top medical professionals, plus a burgeoning biohealth community.

#1 Health Care Workers Per Capita

Greater Cleveland has more health care workers per capita than any other large metropolitan
area, including nearly 75,000 health care practitioners.

Northeast Ohio is home to the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

ranked #4 in U.S. overall

U.S. News & World Report

#1 for heart care in the U.S.

U.S. News & World Report

#2 Hospital in the world


Job Opportunities

 With national rankings for its job market plus a robust business world headquarters presence, the Northeast Ohio Region is a perfect place to begin – or advance – your career.

Northeast Ohio is home to more than 200 Global Companies with major headquarters operations – the second-heaviest concentration of headquarters employment among the 20 largest U.S. metros. 

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#5 Best Cities for Jobs



#3 Best Cities to Start Your Career



Commute Times

With commute times and traffic congestion below the national average for big cities, plus public transportation including bus and rapid transit, Northeast Ohio’s workforce spends less time traveling to and from work and more time doing the things they enjoy.

9% average shorter commute


U.S. Census Bureau

#2 & #12 least congested cities

Akron, Cleveland

TomTom Traffic

15 min. from downtown Cleveland to Metroparks

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