Lindsay Watson, PT, MPT

Co-founder and CEO, Augment Therapy, a first-of-its-kind interactive software company that uses the
medium of augmented reality to engage children in therapeutic exercise.

Northeast Ohio native or transplant?


Why the Northeast Ohio Region?

Medical assets. For those building health or health tech companies: this region is truly the medical capital of the world. It is rich with its medical ecosystem and ripe with high-level professionals on the frontier of medicine.

Innovation. Augment Therapy builds cutting-edge technology, and we have had all our needs met in the Northeast Ohio Region.

Startup resources. The Northeast Ohio Region is ripe with institutions waiting to help entrepreneurs grow and do better. And these are all free, with highly skilled individuals, making early stages of business development that much easier.

Talent. Our people have an incredible combination of grit and warmth.

Opportunity. People are finally recognizing Cleveland for the wealth of opportunity and the quality of life that can be had here. It’s an amazing place to raise a family and build a business.

Perfect day in Northeast Ohio?

Dinner at one of our amazing restaurants followed by family fun in downtown Chagrin Falls, complete with ice cream, a trip to the popcorn shop, and exploring near the waterfalls.