$890M Clean Energy Center Coming to Lordstown

New Clean Energy Center Will Provide Economic Boost to Mahoning Valley

As the move to more clean energy sources continues across the globe, Northeast Ohio is playing a leading role in its adoption. The development of the Lordstown Energy Center is a perfect example of the work underway. Once complete, the $890 million facility will provide clean power to 800,000 homes, leveraging the latest, high-efficiency technology available today.

Located in Henn Parkway in Trumbull County, construction on the Lordstown Energy Center officially kicked off in June of 2016. As noted in this article from WKBN, “The idea is to take natural gas, use it to spin a turbine and generate that power into electricity. The plant will be capable of making 940 megawatts of electricity.” Phase one of the facility is scheduled for completion in June of 2018, with a possible phase two and three already being discussed.  When the facility opens, it will provide hundreds of good-paying jobs to local workers. Some estimates have indicated that the project will have a $1.45 billion impact on the Mahoning Valley in its first 25 years.

As coal-fired power plants are progressively being retired, we have seen a gradual spike in the number of clean energy plants being established, especially in the eastern part of Ohio. With easy access to the natural gas found in the Marcellus Shale, the Mahoning Valley continues to reap the economic benefits associated with the region’s shale play.

In fact, Clean Energy Future, the company developing the Lordstown Energy Center, recently announced that it plans to build a second power plant along Henn Parkway, this one to be named the Trumbull Energy Center. Bill Siderewicz, president of Clean Energy Future, has said that the facilities will be “twins,” each designed to produce the same amount of energy while supporting 800,000 homes. Both facilities are projected to provide a significant economic boost to the local community, making them welcome additions to the Mahoning Valley.

To learn more about the Lordstown Energy Center already underway and the planned Trumbull Energy Center, follow the links below.