Akron Makes Infrastructure Improvements, Lays Groundwork for Smart Technology

Infrastructure Updates Prepare City for Future Growth

From smart appliances to self-driving cars, new technologies are changing nearly every aspect of our lives. Just as autonomous cars slowly populate our roadways, soon our roads themselves will be equipped with smart technology as well. The City of Akron has already begun embracing these latest innovations, making “smart” infrastructure updates that will drive the city’s future growth.

Smart RoadsLast month, Ohio and Akron officials highlighted many of the infrastructure improvements taking shape across the city, with one of the most exciting developments being the implementation of smart technology. As noted in this Cleveland.com article, the city has begun laying the groundwork for technology that will transmit Wi-Fi along the roadway, enabling vehicles to communicate with the road.

With a goal of lessening accidents and potentially stopping them in the future, several Akron infrastructure projects are incorporating this innovative technology, including the decommissioning of the Innerbelt expressway, converting Cedar and Exchange streets to two-way traffic as well as the Main Street promenade. Each of these projects “…will incorporate underground conduits and fiber optic cables to support a future smart roads system and transmit Wi-Fi via street lights and other pedestals along the roadway” (Cleveland.com).

Akron leaders see these improvements as a means to help attract businesses in the future as this kind of transportation network can help companies decide where to locate an operation. In addition, it also serves as a quality of life amenity for residents and commuters.

As cities embrace new technologies, Akron is a leading example of a city taking smart technology to the next level. The infrastructure updates currently underway will help shape the city’s future for decades to come.

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