City Leaders Work to Build Blockland Cleveland

Cleveland to Host First Blockland Conference in December

For the last several months, community leaders across Northeast Ohio have been meeting, planning, and strategizing to build “Blockland,” a “technology and innovation ecosystem that would be for blockchain what places like Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston and Austin, Texas, were for internet and digital technology — hubs that enjoy significant investment, thousands of new jobs and an influx of new residents” (Smart Business). Led by auto dealer and technology entrepreneur Bernie Moreno, Blockland seeks to make Cleveland the epicenter of blockchain technology. Team NEO is participating in several ways.

But first, what is blockchain anyway? “Blockchain is a decentralized digital technology that cannot be edited or deleted by anyone but its owner, but that can be available to a large group of people or organizations” (Crain’s Cleveland).  Blockchain technology is the backbone of ledger-based, secure digital transactions, the most buzzworthy example being cryptocurrencies. Blockland planners believe blockchain technology will have several applications for businesses and government, where data needs to be securely stored and shared.

While still in the early planning phases, Blockland has attracted some 80 local leaders who are working to bring Moreno’s vision to life. To achieve this, organizers have been grouped into 10 nodes, each focused on a specific component of the Blockland plan. Blockland nodes include the following (Team NEO is participating in the first three):

  • Thought Leadership
  • Business Applications
  • Research and Innovation
  • Talent Development
  • Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Political Environment
  • Legal System
  • Philanthropy
  • Place
  • Next Gen

To highlight the work taking place in Cleveland, this December the city will host its first blockchain conference called Blockland Solutions. The conference will take place in Cleveland December 1-4, 2018, at the Huntington Convention Center. The goal of the conference is to facilitate a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and how it applies to businesses and government. Featured speakers at the conference will include major tech giants like Oracle, IBM, AT&T Communications and more. Check out the full list of speakers here. The event will be geared towards business and government leaders as well as developers. Team NEO is assisting in promoting the conference locally and nationally.

Blockland Logo

While mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is likely years away, leaders of Blockland believe Cleveland is well-positioned to play a leading role in the technology’s development and evolution. With growing community support of this effort, Northeast Ohio is building a foundation to one day be the “it” place for blockchain technology. If executed in the right way, many believe Blockland has the potential to transform Northeast Ohio for generations to come.

To learn more about Blockland and the upcoming Blockland Solutions conference, follow the links below.