Cleveland-Europe Express Doubles Stops

Cleveland-Europe Express Doubles Frequency of Service

Euro ExpressDuring
its year of operation, the
Cleveland-Europe Express
(CEE) has experienced immense economic
success. The only Midwestern route with a direct international
connection, the CEE has doubled its frequency to the Port of
Antwerp this shipping season. In addition to the traditional
non-containerized cargo carried on Cleveland ships, the CEE is now
also shipping containerized cargo, which combined has tripled since
last year.

Additionally, the port recently partnered with Amsterdam-based
Spliethoff Group. This vessel partner shares the same vision of
making the Port of Cleveland not only the focal point of a Midwest
operation, but a formidable international port. The group has
direct routes from the Port of Antwerp to Russia, Finland, UK,
Spain, and the Baltic States. Both partners also hope to provide a
hassle-free shipping option to local businesses as well.

As the economic impact of American ports, up 43% since 2007,
continues to rise, so too does the CEE. Its success in just one
year proves its capacity to grow further and make Cleveland a
center for international shipping.

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