Cosmax Expands In Solon

Cosmax USA Celebrates Grand Opening of Solon Manufacturing

nearly eight months of construction and renovation, Cosmax USA
celebrated the grand opening of their 330,000-square-foot
manufacturing facility in Solon, Ohio.

The facility is the first of its kind in the United States for the
South Korean parent company, Cosmax. It will manufacture a broad
line of premium cosmetic, lip, and skin care products for large and
mid-sized cosmetic brand companies.

Cosmax is an original design and development contract manufacturer,
with a Global Research and Innovation team of more than 300
chemists. While Cosmax does not sell under its own brand, its
dedicated team of researchers have developed 95% of the products
the Company manufactures for its customers.

Chairman Kyung-Soo Lee noted, “Cosmax has undergone
significant growth in Asia over the last decade, but it was clear
that we needed to expand our manufacturing and distribution
networks to the United States to continue our growth. Ohio has a
long and proud history of high quality manufacturing, so when the
former L’Oreal facility became available, we moved forward
without hesitation to purchase it.”

Cosmax USA’s President, Sok-Min Yu added, “One of our
biggest hurdles was understanding U.S. rules and regulations. I
have been absolutely overwhelmed by the guidance and support we
have received from officials at every level of Government in
Ohio.  It has been a most impressive partnership to help us
achieve our goal of establishing this operation.”

“More jobs coming to Solon is good news for the community,
the region and Ohio,” Lt. Governor Taylor said. “Thanks
to JobsOhio, Team NEO and our local partners, COSMAX will call
Solon home and create more than 200 new jobs – jobs that will help
support families and the community.”

“The development of COSMAX USA can be attributed to the
vision and foresight of a host of innovative individuals, and all
those who have been involved with its inception are to be applauded
on their tremendous efforts,” said Rep Anielski. “In
the years that follow, COSMAX will unquestionably enhance the
quality of life within the surrounding area, creating more than two
hundred jobs with room for expansion, and through its unwavering
dedication to excellence, it will become an integral part of Solon
and beyond.”

“We are so proud to have Cosmax USA as a member of our
business community”, said Solon Mayor Susan Drucker.
“We appreciate the jobs and the economic growth that Cosmax
will create in Solon and the State of Ohio, and we thank Cosmax for
bringing the Spirit of 3 Apples to the United States.”

Cosmax USA began limited production testing last week and expects
volume to pick up as the year progresses.


Since Cosmax was established in South Korea in 1992, its Research
and Innovation Center has become the heart of the development of
innovation for premium skincare and cosmetic products. The
organization is the #1 leading ODM/CM supplier in the Korean
cosmetics and dietary supplements industry and top five amongst
world-class companies emerging as a premium global beauty
company.  The Cosmax USA manufacturing facility is more than
330,000-square-feet and will be capable of producing over 100
million units to start with room for expansion.