Dinsmore & Shohl LLP  Invests in Team NEO

Investor Spotlight: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

Dinsmore Offices

With more than 750 attorneys across 29 offices, Dinsmore is recognized for its exceptional service and diverse practice areas. The Cleveland office in particular boasts a thriving practice with a number of skilled and experienced attorneys. Dinsmore’s Cleveland office excels in four key practice areas: Litigation, Intellectual Property, Public Finance, and Workers’ Compensation. By offering these services locally, Dinsmore provides its clients with a comprehensive range of legal solutions while fostering the growth of the local economy.

The Cleveland office is also an integral part of Dinsmore’s nationwide network, and clients of the Cleveland office have access to the full resources and experience of the entire firm, providing seamless and comprehensive legal solutions for all.

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