Discount Drug Mart to open operations in Avon Lake

Discount Drug Mart, Inc. to open operations in Avon Lake

Vacated building will now serve as fulfillment and call center

CLEVELAND, Ohio, August 3, 2018 – Discount Drug Mart, Inc., an Ohio-based drug store chain with more than 70 establishments in the state, has announced plans to renovate and invest in the company’s Avon Lake facility to grow its operation with a fulfillment and call center at the location. The retailer plans to add more than 62 new full-time positions and retain 40 full time jobs within the next three years.

The facility, which stood vacant for the last two years, will utilize almost 50,000 square feet and serve as a centralized fulfillment center, servicing its Ohio stores in addition to mail orders.

“The landscape of pharmacy has changed significantly since we opened our first pharmacy 50 years ago,” said Discount Drug Mart Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Pete Ratycz. “Today, in addition to traditional pharmacy services, we provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) counseling, a wide array of immunizations, as well as support with the home health care supplies and professional medical equipment.  To ensure we are meeting the needs of our patrons, we created Drug Mart Health Solutions to allow our pharmacists and pharmacy staff the opportunity to spend more time engaging with our customers with the goal of enhanced patient care.”

A team of JobsOhio, the city of Avon Lake and Team NEO worked together to ensure that Discount Drug Mart chose to expand in Northeast Ohio versus other locations where it currently has a presence.

“It is exciting to see Discount Drug Mart deepen it roots here in Ohio,” said JobsOhio Managing Director for Healthcare Aaron Pitts.  “We and our partners at Team NEO look forward to working with Drug Mart as it grows in Avon Lake, where it will bring more than 60 new jobs to support its expanding customer base.”

“Drug Mart’s new facility is a job creation success story that Avon Lake is celebrating,” added Avon Lake Economic Development Director Ted Esborn. “It strengthens Avon Lake’s tax base and creates new jobs for its residents, but it also creates new customers and clients for surrounding businesses. The City is grateful that its partnership with Discount Drug Mart and Team NEO had a role in making this happen.”

About Discount Drug Mart, Inc.

Discount Drug Mart, Inc., an Ohio-owned and operated drug store for more than forty nine-years, is Ohio’s one-stop shop and continues to expand! The company prides itself on not only having the necessities like every other drug store, but taking that extra step to have fresh produce, fresh sliced meat & cheese at their deli counters, and a wide selection of grocery items, which is what sets them apart.

Discount Drug Mart currently has 73 stores in over 20 counties across Ohio including Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati.  The company slogan and their well-known jingle says it all: “Discount Drug Mart Saves You the Runaround…We Have Everything You Need.”  Equally important to Discount Drug Mart is its charitable, community and education related fund raising activities including cookouts at many of their stores throughout the summer, donating all proceeds to local community charities.

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