Energy Storage Event

Experts Explore Energy Storage and Job Creation Opportunities
for Northern Ohio

CLEVELAND, November 9, 2015 — More than 150 experts in the
energy storage space shared information and insights at the
Northern Ohio Energy Storage and Integration Workshop held at NASA
Glenn Research Center’s Mission Integration Center (MIC)
October 29-30. The dialogue focused on creating a regional
ecosystem that would support energy storage and integration for
terrestrial and transportation (ground, air and space)
applications. The goal? Delivering high-quality, timely, needed
products to the marketplace while creating jobs for the Northern
Ohio region. 

Hosted by NASA Glenn Research Center and sponsored by Team NEO,
FirstEnergy, Case Western Reserve University/Great Lakes Energy
Institute and the University of Toledo, the two-day workshop
brought a variety of innovative ideas to light. 

“Northern Ohio is well-positioned to serve as the hub of
the energy storage industry,” said Team NEO CEO Bill Koehler.
“Our region’s corporations and other industry-related
organizations possess the knowledge and talent required to
establish and maintain a sustainable energy storage cluster that
will help fuel our job creation efforts.” 

NASA Glenn Research Center Director Jim Free agreed. “When
you look at the strength of Northern Ohio’s resources in the
energy arena — the technological expertise, emerging
technologies and well-equipped facilities — it becomes clear
that the future of energy storage and integration is right here.
The potential for this industry is enormous. We are very excited to
be part of this effort.” 

Indeed, it is estimated that energy storage will be a $50
billion opportunity by 2020. Further, according to a 2014 Forbes
magazine article, energy storage is going to be one of the defining
features of the 21st century landscape.

Topics discussed over the two-day workshop included: how energy
storage solves a problem, what holes need to be filled in existing
technologies, how solutions will be integrated in the grid and
transportation, where we are today, and what’s needed for the
future both mid- and long-term. In addition, Congresswoman Marcy
Kaptur (D OH 9th District), who was a special guest speaker, closed
the workshop with a personal, passionate speech to those in
attendance about the importance to Northern Ohio becoming a major
player in the energy storage and integration business and offering
her support to realizing that vision. 

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