Goldfarb Weber Creative Media Invests in Team NEO

Investor Spotlight: Goldfarb Weber Creative Media

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For 50 years, Goldfarb Weber Creative Media has told the stories of a diverse group of companies and organizations through the art of film. We have produced everything from short form digital content, broadcast spots and documentaries to interactive exhibits, live events and virtual webcasts. We are constantly evolving and finding new ways to make our clients’ messaging more powerful. Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, we are passionate about helping our clients thrive in our hometown.

We are a full-service video production partner. We harness the power of film to elevate messaging with a technical expertise and artistic expression that are second to none. Our films motivate audiences to take action.

We are cinematographers, editors, animators, marketers, writers and strategists. But above all else, we are storytellers. We believe that each story is unique and important.

Our mission is to let our clients’ purpose shine through. We approach each project with a clean slate, eager to create something unlike anything we’ve produced before.

We feel it is very important to support economic development in our region; so, we can continue to have a vibrant diverse community where we all live, work and play. That is why we are so involved in organizations that support job creation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, such as Team NEO, Sherwin-Williams, Parker Hannifin, Greater Cleveland Partnership, COSE and Destination Cleveland.

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