Neo Talent Attraction Efforts

Northeast Ohio Talent Attraction Efforts

Helping corporations, institutions and organizations attract
talent to Northeast Ohio is a very important part of improving the
region’s economy. Employers need to be able to attract and
retain talent in order to thrive. While there is still much work to
be done, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made since
the launch of our regional marketing campaign in 2007. We now offer
a variety of communication vehicles that serve as great tools to
aid in a company’s talent retention efforts.

Each resource is designed to provide a constant stream of
positive news and information that companies can share with their
potential employees. If an employee is aware of all the great
things happening throughout our region, they will be more likely to
stay and get involved in the Northeast Ohio community.
Specifically, some of the resources we offer are:

  • Our Recruiter+ e-newsletter, launched in 2014, is
    distributed bi-monthly to local HR executives and recruiters. It
    offers informative tools and information that HR professionals can
    use when recruiting talent to their organizations.
  • New LinkedIn group focused on talent recruitment.
    This group provides a place for recruiters, regional professionals
    and job seekers to find out more about Northeast Ohio and make
    meaningful connections.
  • Our new talent recruitment mobile app (currently in
    development) is for companies to use to help attract talent to the
    region. The app will enable users to take a self-guided tour of
    Northeast Ohio and will be customizable for each company’s
    use. You can view a demo of the app here.
  • Following us on social media provides an easy way for employees
    to engage with us and learn about news and information for living
    and working in the region.
  • Our guest blog is another great resource as it showcases the
    best that Northeast Ohio has to offer. Click here to learn
    about the many benefits of living, working and playing in the

To learn more
about how we can assist with talent attraction and retention needs,
we invite you to explore our website here.

Aside from the many resources we
offer, there are also many other organizations in the region that
are working toward the same goal. Young professional groups like
, allow employers to partner with them to help
businesses better understand how to grow and retain its young
professional talent. The organization recognizes that the majority
of young people pick a place to live before finding a job.
That’s why they are working to put the city of Cleveland at
the top of the list of great places to work, live and play for
young pros.

A different kind of resource
is Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC), which is a
unique summer internship program designed to help students explore
the professional, civic and social offerings of the Cleveland
region. In the past twelve years, SOTC has recruited over 200
summer employers offering paid internships and secured 670 students
for internships, 75 percent of who are not from the region.

Lastly, OhioMeansJobs is a government organization serving
both job seekers and employers. For employers, OMJ is a gateway to
finding high-quality candidates for their organizations. The
website allows companies to post jobs, search millions of resumes,
and manage their recruiting process all for free. For job-seekers,
the organization is a gateway to finding job opportunities with
multiple Ohio employers and from many national job boards. Users
can explore potential new careers and post their resumes for all
employers to see, again at no cost.