Northeast Ohio Leads the State for 2023 Inclusion Grants Awarded

Team NEO worked on 51 projects that received JobsOhio Inclusion Grants (JOIG) in 2023, the most in the State of Ohio. In total, the 51 grants awarded in 2023 represent 219 new jobs, more than $12 million in annual new payroll, and more than $18 million in capital investment created in the Northeast Ohio Region.

The JOIGs support projects in eligible Ohio communities or businesses owned by underrepresented populations, including people of color, women and veterans.  

“Helping small, diverse companies grow is the right thing to do,” said Team NEO Chief Executive Officer Bill Koehler. “It helps make the Northeast Ohio Region more competitive, has a positive impact on our local communities and helps increase prosperity for everyone in the region.”

Inclusion projects are an important part of the work being done by Team NEO and its partners to build a vibrant economy that is talented, resilient, innovative and offers equitable opportunities for all. The most recent awardees growing through JOIG support are:

Engineered Products of Ohio
A woman-owned company, Engineered Products of Ohio develops and manufactures custom-engineered radio frequency identification devices (RFID). The RFID technology allows for the passive identification of an item using radio waves. Located in Trumbull County, the organization is also a tenant in Mahoning County’s Youngstown Business Incubator to help better facilitate their production and development needs. The company is experiencing rapid growth in its offerings to numerous markets including commercial, defense, medical, vendor management inventory, and asset tracking. Engineered Products of Ohio was awarded a $25,000 JOIG to assist with this growth and expansion into various markets. They plan to hire eight new employees, adding to their current staff of three.

Kameron Anthony Construction LLC

A minority-owned company in Lorain County, Kameron Anthony Construction LLC sought to expand its operations to include structural steel erector and fabricator offerings, the first in the state. They received a $50,000 JOIG that will support the expansion project, which includes the purchase a new building and the addition of nine new employees to its current staff of three.

M&W Electric Manufacturing Co.

M&W Electric is a 90-year-old manufacturer of high-quality electrical fittings, couplings, fixtures, and accessories. In the fall of 2022, the company purchased a facility in Columbiana County providing additional space to increase production.  The building required updates and improvements for M&W to assume full occupancy. A $25,000 JOIG was awarded to the company for the project that will increase efficiencies and result in the hiring of two new staff members to its current roster of seven.

Sportsguard Laboratories, Inc.

Sportsguard Laboratories, Inc., located in a distressed zip code in Kent, manufactures custom mouth guards using dental molds of athletes’ mouths. The company grew 25% over the past year and a $25,000 JOIG was awarded to support continued growth with the implementation of innovative 3D printing technologies, hiring one new employee and retaining three employees.

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