Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Is Rebounding, Expecting Bright Future

Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Recovering from Great Recession

When recession struck the United States in 2007, manufacturing employment, output and productivity beganIoT Collaborative declining across the nation, including in Northeast Ohio, a region built on a rich history of manufacturing. But today, with the recession nearly nine years behind us, Northeast Ohio is rebounding – outpacing the U.S. in manufacturing productivity and nearly matching its pace in output. NEO manufacturing employment has rebounded as well, although it will likely never reach pre-recession levels.

As regions across the U.S. strive to recover from the negative economic impacts of the 2007-2009 U.S. recession, Northeast Ohio is making strides toward restoring its manufacturing momentum. With 16% growth in productivity, and output nearly matching pre-recession levels, the region continues to demonstrate that manufacturing remains an essential component of the economy.

Key Findings:

  • Employment Grows in Several Key Sectors
    • NEO has post-recession growth in six sectors: beverage and tobacco products; food; petroleum and coal products; leather and allied products; apparel; and wood products
  • NEO Post-recession Manufacturing Output Grows in Seven Sectors
    • Output in seven sectors have grown post-recession, including computer and electronic products, petroleum and coal products (due in large part to Utica Shale activity), as well as beverage and tobacco products
  • High-Technology Manufacturing Sectors Projected to Grow
    • NEO’s output in the next five years for the computer and electronic products sector is projected to grow 41% compared to the U.S. at 33% for this same sector
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