NASA Scientists and Engineers Share Their Expertise With Advanced Energy Leaders

Collaboration aims at strengthening the industry and creating jobs

CLEVELAND, Ohio, August 1, 2018 – Great minds don’t always think alike. That’s why collaboration is so vital to progress — and why NASA Glenn scientists, engineers and technical experts are eager to brainstorm with technical leaders in the thriving advanced energy industry at TechConnect, to be held August 14 at Case Western Reserve University. The goal? Helping forward-thinking advanced energy companies across Northeast Ohio overcome technical challenges standing between them and their full employment and growth potential.

“Supporting these companies with the world-renowned expertise of NASA’s team is sure to fuel the momentum, growth and job-creation potential of the advanced energy segment, which is becoming increasingly pivotal to our region’s economy,” said Bill Hagstrand, senior director, Innovation and Industry, of Team NEO. Team NEO, along with the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (TBEIC), Case Western Reserve University and MAGNET, serves as a partner in, and facilitator of, this TechConnect event. Sponsor and former recipient of NASA’s collaboration program, Johnson Matthey will present the keynote address.

Although TechConnect dates back several years, 2018 marks the first time advanced energy companies have been invited to apply for participation in the event. Applicants were vetted by Team NEO, TBEIC, Case Western Reserve University and MAGNET to ensure each has a well-defined technical challenge whose solution has the potential to generate revenue for the company and create additional jobs for the Northeast Ohio area.

Selected companies, listed below, have been invited to attend the day-long TechConnect event, where they will be entitled to eight hours of consultation at no fee, plus the opportunity to apply for an additional 32 hours of consultation, with NASA Glenn experts:

  • Beckett Energy Systems is a manufacturer of large format lithium-ion battery packs and electronic controls for emerging advanced energy markets. Beckett serves a broad range of applications from powering vehicles, vessels and robotics to supplying backup power for critical loads to offering energy storage for hybrid micro grids. Beckett Energy Systems is a division of the RW Beckett Corporation.
  • Cres Cor makes temperature controlled (both hot and cold) “off the grid” Food Service Cabinets for restaurants and institutions. Cres Cor has a reputation in the industry for continually driving the performance, utility and innovation of their line of “off the grid” temperature-controlled products.
  • Keyland Polymer Material Sciences is a global innovation leader in solid polymer materials cured by Ultra Violet Light (UV) and Electron Beam Energy (EB). Keyland’s products include resins, powder coatings and additives. New materials are being developed for use in emerging and high growth markets; Electric Vehicle (EV), lithium ion batteries, carbon fiber composites used for “Lightweighting” vehicles and materials for 3D Printing/Additive
  • Nirvana Energy Systems, Inc., provides thermoacoustic energy systems that generate electricity and heat from clean natural gas.

“Our past TechConnect events have resulted in innovative solutions to challenges presented by companies of all sizes,” said NASA Regional Economic Development (acting) Program Manager Laurie Stauber. “Glenn’s subject-matter experts offer unique perspectives into problem-solving and believe in the strength of Northeast Ohio. We are very pleased to be partnering with Case, Team NEO, TBEIC and MAGNET in this important event, which has great potential to drive job creation and economic growth.”

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