Tom Waltermire Thankful Four

Tom Waltermire Thankful Four

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, it is time for the annual
Thankful Four. Time to step back and appreciate the many things
that bless our lives. Things we too often take for granted or
overlook in today’s abundance. Take a few moments this week and
make your list of four.

This year I’m thinking how thankful I am for people who INSPIRE.
Those people who have a spark so powerful that they energize us

1. All the recent coverage of the Gettysburg Address, reminds us of
the lasting inspiration of men and women we would call Statesmen.
These are the people who rise above and remind us of bigger
principles that make our society and our lives meaningful.
Statesmen too often aren’t recognized until they are gone, but
their impact is measured in generations.

2. Think of the people who spurred you to be more than you thought
you could be.  Chances are an inspirational Educator or Coach
was there at just the right time.  They opened a world of
opportunity and saw a potential that you never thought you had.
Best of all, it was selfless; it was for you.

3. As with Statesmen and Educators, it is typically those with
wisdom who inspire us.  Yet, increasingly, I am seeing that it
is the Young People in Northeast Ohio who are inspiring us with
their sense of the future. Too many of us are focused on our
region’s past and have a sense of loss that holds us back. Our
young people see the amazing assets our region offers and the
future they can create.  There is growing evidence that young
people are beginning to migrate here from the former big glamour
cities to capture that genuine opportunity.

4. We are so fortunate when Family is a big source of inspiration.
Treasure it. For too many people, this regrettably is not true. Our
society works best with strong families that provide ready-made
role models and both the tender and tough love we need to be our
best. And when the Grandkids arrive, we better be inspired to show
them the way, while we summon the energy to keep up with

Take some time to give a smile, a hug or a handshake to someone
new, someone who would not expect it.  It’s a gift to them and
to you.

That’s my Thankful Four for 2013. 

Tom Waltermire

  • CEO
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