Ohio’s wine and grape industry generates nearly $800 million a year

Ohio’s wine and grape industry accounts for nearly $800 million
a year in economic activity

A report prepared for the Ohio Grape Industries Committee finds
that Ohio’s grape and wine industry continues to grow and now has
an economic impact on the state of nearly $800 million a year.

Findings from the report include:

  • Ohio ranked No. 9 among the states for grape production with
    5,335 tons produced on just over 1,900 acres.
  • Ohio ranked No. 7 for wine production at 1.2 million gallons a
    year, or more than a half-million cases of wine. The wine sold in
    2012 brought in about $62 million.
  • Grapes and wine production accounted for 5,291 full-time jobs,
    nearly 1,200 more jobs than in 2007. Those workers earn an
    estimated $170 million a year.
  • The 2.74 million people who visited Ohio’s 175 wineries in 2012
    spent about $97 million.