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Andy Jones

Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Security Risk Management which protects companies from the ravages of cyber-attack by improving the security performance of their people, processes, and technology to deliver positive financial and operational business outcomes.

Northeast Ohio native or transplant?


Why the Northeast Ohio Region?

Access to talent. For me, as a business leader and business owner, my number one need is access to talent. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a phenomenal institute of higher education. Between higher education institutions and secondary schools, the region produces a tremendous amount of talent. 

Partnerships. Partnerships with Northeast Ohio institutions are near and dear to our organization’s growth strategy. In one example, we work with Lorain County Community College (LCCC), who takes our ideal job qualifications for three unique positions, then creates and/or modifies curriculum to give us an associate that is ready to hire right out of the gate … it’s a win-win.

Midwest work ethic. The great thing about the talent in the region is their midwestern work ethic. We are a client-centric organization, so we’re all about providing great service. You can teach the technical skills, but you really need a strong work ethic and a servant’s heart to do this job well – those are qualities inherent in this workforce.

Access to clients. The region is blessed with a variety of businesses and organizations that have a need for the cybersecurity services we provide. Having our headquarters here and being part of the community naturally builds relationships that help us stop cyber criminals before (or after) they attack.

Philanthropy. This is one of the most philanthropic regions in the U.S. There are significant opportunities for Fortress as an organization and me individually to participate in and support the community.

Perfect day in the Northeast Ohio Region?

When I’m not with my family or clients, my two favorite ways to spend time are cycling and flying. I love our biking and hiking trails – we have an abundance! I’ve biked around the state multiple times. As a private pilot, I also love showcasing the region by plane. Flying a recruit around the region dramatically changes their perspective.

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