Angelique Reed

Supply Chain Optimization Senior Director at GOJO Industries, which helps the world stay well through its Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better through Well-Being Solutions. 

Northeast Ohio native or transplant?


Why the Northeast Ohio Region?

Location. Northeast Ohio is centrally located and has many ways to transport goods and services. More than half of the U.S. population is within 500 miles. 

Supportive business community. Within Northeast Ohio there are many family-owned companies. Even outside of these companies there is a family feel within each vertical. People are very open and willing to share best practices because they want to see Northeast Ohio succeed. 

Manufacturing talent. Northeast Ohio has deep roots in manufacturing and is known for generations of hard work, determination, and innovation. There are many strong universities to pull talent from, as well as large companies across many industries that provide opportunity for young professionals. 

Transportation. The Northeast Ohio Region is not overly congested and there is easy access to all transportation modes. 

Recreation. I love that I can drive 60 minutes in any direction and find completely different opportunities. I can enjoy the lakefront, go to a winery, head to Amish country, see a concert, watch a professional sport, go skiing, eat great food, or spend time in nature. 

Perfect day in the Northeast Ohio Region?

Hiking through the Ledges at Cuyahoga Valley National Park on a beautiful fall day with my kids, followed by a campfire filled with laughter and smores. Since Ohio has all four seasons, I enjoy each one differently by skiing, biking, attending outdoor concerts, and hiking.

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