Nwaka Onwusa

Chief Curator & Vice President at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which strives to engage, teach, and inspire through the power of rock and roll. The museum, located in Cleveland, shares stories of the people, events, and songs that shape our word through exhibits, innovative programs, and concerts.

Northeast Ohio native or transplant?


Why the Northeast Ohio Region?

Career Growth. The possibilities to grow your career here are immense. There are so many amazing companies and organizations. There’s also an opportunity to make your own lane, whatever your passion. And the network is insane – you still get that big town feel, but people ban together here in a beautiful way that I’ve never seen. 

Downtown Living. I live in downtown Cleveland. I absolutely love it. My building is over 100 years old. If you’re looking for beautiful architecture, you can find this amazing, unique charm. And Cleveland folks are really, really nice. It’s been easier for me to go with the flow because of how welcoming the community has been.

Rich History. Being an African American woman, there is so much black history here I was not aware of. Lakewood Park was one of the last stops for escaped slaves coming up through the Underground Railroad before they gained their freedom. Karamu House is the oldest African-American theater in the U.S. I think it’s beautiful that a lot of these structures still exist and this history is here to enjoy. 

The Parks. I love the Emerald Necklace. The fact that I can walk or ride my bike on one towpath that connects me to the entire state (through the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail) is so incredibly dope. There are not many cities, states or regions that can bring that to you. 

Thriving Culture. There’s so much happening here … the music and arts culture, museums, institutions, and organizations that are giving back to the community. You miss certain things because you can’t get to it all! And The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame … what we do here inspires hope globally. It’s built to last, built to inspire, built to educate, and built to increase love on this planet.

Perfect day in the Northeast Ohio Region?

To start, biking the Emerald Necklace – I love being outside, I love nature, and that’s where I feel free. I’d always recommend a stop at Flower Child, one of my favorite thrifting spots, and Valerie Mayén’s Yellowcake Shop. Then food from Larder or Banana Blossom Thai and Rocky Road from Mitchell’s Ice Cream … which changed my entire life!

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