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The Northeast Ohio Region’s collaborative economic development network uses data and insights generated by Team NEO to improve outcomes for the region and its people. 

2023 P&I Report Cover Image

2023 Performance & Impact Annual Report

Our strategies help build a vibrant economy.

Competitive & Prosperous Report

This VEI report focuses on the long-term outcomes of the metrics in the four pillars and provides a macro-overview of some of the data such as gross regional product (GDP), employment, and wages.

2023 AO Report Cover Image

2023 Aligning Opportunities Report

A resource to aid in addressing the demand and supply imbalance in the region’s workforce.

Developing Opportunities

A comprehensive resource for proactive site readiness.

Developing Opportunities Report

Developing Opportunities: Report

Developing Opportunities Industry Sheets

Developing Opportunities: Industry Sheets

Developing Opportunities Toolkit

Developing Opportunities: Site & Location Analysis Toolkit

Developing Opportunities List of Active Needs by Industry

Developing Opportunities: List of Active Needs by Industry

Developing Opportunities

Developing Opportunities: Learn More

Vibrant Economy Index Reports

Ongoing updates on the Vibrant Economy Index as we work to build a vibrant economy.

2023 Resilience & Innovation Report Feature Image

2023 Resilience & Innovation Report

VEI Tool Feature Image

Vibrant Economy Index 

Peformance and Impact Reports

Team NEO and numerous economic development organizations are making an impact to drive a more competitive and prosperous Northeast Ohio Region. Reports include performance on how the region is striving to create opportunities for all residents to work, earn good wages, and thrive, and to offer an environment that supports business growth.

Team NEO 2022 Anual Performance & Impact Report

2022 Annual Performance & Impact Report

2022 Mid Year Report

2022 Performance & Impact Midyear Report

2021 Team NEO Annual Report

2021 Performance & Impact Report

Team NEO 2021 Mid-Year Report

2021 Mid-Year Report

2020 Annual Report Feature Image

2020 Annual Performance and Impact Report

Aligning Opportunities

Addressing the Demand and Supply Imbalance in the Region’s Workforce.

2023 UO Report Thumbnail

2023 Untapped Opportunities Report

2023 MO Report Thumbnail

2023 Misaligned Opportunities Report

2023 LO Report Thumbnail

2023 Lost Opportunities Report

2023 EO Report Thumbnail

2023 Enabled Opportunities Report

LO Report Thumbnail

2022 Lost Opportunities Report

MO Report Thumbnail

2022 Misaligned Opportunities Report

2022 Aligning Opportunities Report

2022 Aligning Opportunities Report

2022 Untapped Opportunities Report Landing Page Image

2022 Untapped Opportunities

lost opportunities report cover

2021 Lost Opportunities

misaligned opportunities report cover

2021 Misaligned Opportunities

aligning opportunities report cover

2021 Aligning Opportunities Report

Quarterly Economic & Employment Data Reports

Providing a holistic picture of what is and is not working across Northeast Ohio’s regional economy, representing the 19th largest market in the United States.

Team NEO Quarterly Economic Review Report

Aerospace and Aviation Industry Can Soar the Northeast Ohio Region to New Heights

Semiconductor Flyer

Building Blocks for a Robust Semiconductor Industry in the Northeast Ohio Region

July 2023 QER

Capitalizing on the Automotive/ Electric Vehicle industry in the Northeast Ohio Region

Team ENO 2022 August Quarterly Economic Review

The Strength and Resilience of the Northeast Ohio Region

Team NEO QER May 2022

The State of Information Technology Employment in the Northeast Ohio Region

Information Technology Strength Through Recessions

Information Technology Strength Through Recessions

Technology Driving the Future of Manufacturing

Technology Driving the Future of Manufacturing

Construction Pre- and Post-Pandemic

Construction Pre- and Post-Pandemic

Post-Pandemic Economic Projections

Post-Pandemic Economic Projections

June 2020 Quarterly Economic Review

Northeast Ohio Economic Projections Post COVID-19

February 2020 Quarterly Economic Review

Technology and Productivity Advance Manufacturing

Healthcare Quarterly Economic Review

Northeast Ohio’s $22 Billion Health Care Industry

Northeast Ohio Great Recession Quarterly Economic Review

Northeast Ohio Since the Great Recession

Food & Beverage Quarterly Economic Review

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturing Momentum