Q2 Investor and Stakeholder Meeting

When: June 11, 2024 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Join Team NEO for our Q2 Investor and Stakeholder meeting at Primer Coffee & Cocktail Bar located in Canvas at Valor Acres, next to the new Sherwin-Williams R&D Center.

Team NEO CEO, Bill Koehler will share a mid-year performance and impact review of the progress that together with our economic development partners are leading to grow our region’s economy.

Join us as Jacob Duritsky, Vice President of Strategy, Research, & Talent, will take a deep dive into the heart of our 2030 Team NEO vision! He will share how we measure success as a region building a vibrant economy and unveil how we are looking at ambitious 2030 goals. Learn how the Vibrant Economy Index (VEI) will be our compass in navigating towards a thriving future and ‘bend the curve’ of key economic indicators for our 14-county region through coordinated strategies and data-driven outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping the future of Northeast Ohio.

When the meeting concludes, attendees can tour the first phase development of Valor Acres.

Valor Acres sits in a prime location with a 30-minute drive time to the majority of Northeast Ohio and both major airports.

Surrounded by nature, Valor is designed to blend work, shop, live, stay and play together. The layout provides synergies between uses. With a prime retail location, upscale grocery and new corporate offices, Valor will be the epitome of efficient design and modern sensibilities for residents, visitors and employees.

The suites, lofts and townhomes Canvas at Valor Acres embody a remarkable lifestyle that seamlessly combines modern amenities, convenience, and the beauty of nature.